HIP Enterprise, LLC® specializes in providing a variety of professional developmental coaching, branding, and consulting services. We are an innovative company that provides developmental services to individuals, communities, and organizations seeking to enhance their personal and global brands progressively. Our boutique self-equity coaching programs provide essential support to those seeking career, personal, and professional development through effective solution-focused methods. At HIP, we believe that progress and development knows no boundaries.


Dr. Herman I. Pryor Jr., Ed.D., NCC

A National Board Certified Counselor, Success Coach, and Author, Dr. Herman I. Pryor Jr. possesses over 10 years of progressive coaching experience. In 2010, Dr. Pryor founded HIP Enterprise, LLC®, a boutique coaching and consulting firm that offers professional coaching services to individuals, organizations, and communities alike.

A 2009 and 2011 EnVest Foundation Philanthropic Award Recipient, Dr. Pryor has spent a great deal of his career empowering others and finds the ability to directly impact so many through the coaching exchange process his most rewarding and fulfilling contribution to society to date. He provides clients with an engaging experience throughout the developmental coaching exchange process offering techniques that are innovative and solution-focused.

Dr. Pryor believes that everyone has something unique within that the world is waiting for with great anticipation. He hopes to inspire a global movement of progression that helps people identify and connect with innate abilities and talents so that they  can confidently share them with the world. According to Dr. Pryor, to acquire self-equity, one must eagerly commit to the process of inspiring others to action.

“You'll never have to worry about being someone you're not when you're okay with becoming who you're meant to be.”
Dr. Herman I. Pryor Jr., Ed.D., NCCFounder | Self-equity coach


Self-equity coaching ignites a courageous adventure of synergetic exchange between client and coach. It is a labor of love, honesty, and acceptance that takes coach and client into a place of purpose, passion, and action. By providing customizable coaching programs, specific needs of clients are of importance and addressed in the context of achieving established desired life goals and aspirations.

Success coaching utilizes proven techniques to encourage the breaking down and building up of individuals who seek betterment of self and their worlds around them through accessing their true potential. Throughout the journey, clients are provided the necessary tools to help them unearth the roots of their success and ultimately lead them to holistic fulfillment of self. Through the success coaching exchange process, coach and client collaboratively work together to develop a greater personal understanding of purpose and passion and ways to translate them into effective, meaningful action.

Career Transitions Program

The Career Transitions Program focuses on providing individuals with the resources necessary to help them transition towards new career opportunities. The program emphasizes the importance of long-term professional goals and their fulfillment as well as exploring one’s current career path and its potential opportunities.

Personal Enhancement Program

The Personal Enhancement Program helps individuals to define milestones in their self-development plan and articulate a path toward achievement. This program promotes growth through self-reflection, spirituality, leadership building, and development of social and cultural affiliations.

Professional Liaison Program

The Professional Liaison Program focuses on developing skills for both personal development and career advancement. This program focuses on establishing best practices for those seeking to enhance their leadership skills.

Consulting & Development Services

HIP Enterprise, LLC® offers Consulting & Personal Branding Development services for your online, marketing platforms and social media outlets. We seek to empower individuals and organizations by working collaboratively with clients to enhance their overall look.


With unparalleled industry expertise, HIP Enterprise, LLC® implements accessibility into its effective formula by providing resources and tailored solutions for individuals and organizations alike. Our professionals draw from their coaching and counseling experiences to develop and implement the most effective solutions for our clients. Our focus on execution provide clients with access to proven strategies to assist with planning goal more effectively and increasing self-awareness while in pursuit of life goals.

Professional Growth
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  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Executive & Organizational Coaching
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Personal Development
  • Self-Development Techniques
  • Strengthen Personal Identity
  • Improve Self-esteem & Self Awareness
  • Build Strengths & Talents to Fulfill Goals
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Career Transitions
  • Career Development
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  • Work-Life Balance Strategies
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"I was looking for a change in career and I reached out to get my resume re done and literally once Herman completed my resume, I knew I was on a different playing field and my resume would stand out."
JaQuinda JacksonCounseling Psychology Doctoral Candidate
"Herman is a great and knowledgeable individual that I would recommend to any other colleagues or individuals that are seeking guidance in starting their own business. He's simply the best!"
Calvin BrownPhotographer at Nfinity International Photography
“Herman I. Pryor is a man of great value to my career. His approach towards helping me achieve success, is also a self-encouragement guide that keeps me well balanced on the days I'm off balance."
Tiffany BennettEntrepreneur | Founder & CEO of Red Xposure Clothing Co.


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“Go the distance even when it appears that you don't belong in the race.”
Dr. Herman I. Pryor Jr., Ed.D., NCCFounder | Self-equity coach